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Commodities Brokers - Worldwide Delivery Stockholm, SWEDEN Affiliated Offices:

Dubai, U.A.E. &  Estonia Eniitco Gen.Trading East O

 Commodities For Sale

         (Bonafide Buyers or Mandates only)

         All kinds of Tile and Natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx,Limestone, Crystal -Iran.

Iranian stone mine owners association is well known in Asia, Europe, The Middle East and Arabian countries. The whole beauty of nature is summarized in the images of stones. Iran is the second natural stone exporter in all over the world. Iran has such a great potential that the major countries involving in stone export such as Italy, China, Australia, India and Spain, import their needs from Iran. One of the main goals of our association is the development of Iranian tile and slab market in the world.

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Iranian Safron ! Minimum quantity 5Kg

We sell our best quality saffron (Sar Gol) in following packages :

500GS , 23GS ,10GS , 4GS , 2GS ,1GS, 0,5GS

      Our 2 gram packages come in fancy metal package as well.

       As price differs monthly, please contact our commercial department for the latest price.

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Importance of the crewing in the international shipping and how crewing can be carried out via maritime agency "South Star Ltd", Odessa in order to satisfy as much as possible the needs of the shipowners all over the world.

Petroleum Products For Sale

         Light & Heavy Crude Oil

         (Only bonafide end-users or refineries should inquire)

         Prices: % Below market price depends on contract quantity and terms

Transport Services

         Door to door operations in most industrial countries

         Consolidation, warehousing & order processing

         Customs clearance and commercial operations

         Cross trading between various European & CIS countries

Offer Your Commodities To Eniitco!

Presently looking for good prices from bonafide sellers or mandates of:

  • All food stuffs and agricultural commodities


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Fax or E-Mail Eniitco your inqueries or offers to our Stockholm Office.

Mr.Karan Achourpour, CEO,

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