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Paxan Corp. has taken advantage of its specialist group and is honored to deliver its goods alongside international standards in suitable packaging.

Innovation & Quality in the world of Tile
Quality Management System of ALVAND Tile & Ceramic Industries has been certified successfully according to ISO 9002 in Feb. 1997.

To fulfill our customer requirments to their entire satisfaction has always been ALVAND'S view and aim. Quality is the key principle for our every day business approach.

  • We consistently meet our customers requirements and

  • We continuously strive to improve on all aspects of quality.


Key components are the involvement and training of all employees, as well as cooperation with our customers, suppliers and the community

Our Quality Management System according to ISO 9002 is the tool to achieve these aims. Ongoing improvement to our Quality Mangaement System Standards will guarantee that we remain an innovative and reliable partner to our customer, not only today, but also in the future.


  • ISO 9002 is the most customer's confidence from the quality management system

  • ISO 9002 is the most reputable world quality management system.



22nd International Award for the Best Trade Name
Rome 1997 (ITALY)
ALVAND Tile & Ceramic Ind.



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